Whitelist Survival Minecraft Server.

Ruthenium was born from the vision of crafting a survival server that, even as new players join, retains the tightly-knitted atmosphere reminiscent of the early days of Minecraft servers.

Our unique approach to whitelisting is designed to build a sense of community trust. In this approach, every player is connected through mutual friendships, creating a network of trust among the community.

Beatrice Founder of Ruthenium


We've been perfecting Ruthenium for several years.

  1. Ruthenium Is Conceived

    In the early days of 2019, our founder, Beatrice, conceived the ambitious idea for Ruthenium. Shortly thereafter, a series of tests were launched to refine the referral system that we know today.

  2. Original Launch of Ruthenium

    Beatrice exclusively oversaw the initial launch of Ruthenium. It remained operational for three continuous years, utilizing hardware with significantly lower power specifications compared to our current setup.

  3. Temporary Closure of Ruthenium

    After three years of player growth, managing moderation became challenging. Additionally, the server had reached its maximum storage capacity. Consequently, the server was closed to address these issues and prepare for a future relaunch.

  4. Ruthenium Successfully Relaunches

    After facing delays for several months since the beginning of the year, Ruthenium successfully relaunched in July 2023 and continues to thrive today. This relaunch effectively resolved all the issues that had plagued the original launch.


It takes a team to do anything of lasting value.







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